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Tonga High School Ex-Students - Class of 1980-81

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Malo mu'a e laumalie lelei 'ae fanau 'a hou'eiki pea mo ha'a matapule kae 'uma'a 'ae kalasi mo e kaunga ako kotoa pe 'o e to'u hu ki he Tonga High School 'o e ta'u 1980-81.

A warm "maroon & grey - yellow ribboned and brown sandled" welcome to the official website for the Tonga High School entrant Class of 1980-81.
Wherever you may be on the globe, we hope this site will become our meeting place to catch up with old class mates, old admirers, old crushes, and old teachers you had a crush on (go on admit it) but never had the chance to express so (at least now you can express your deepest feelings (or sandwich fillings for some) and not land yourself on PD after school.
This opportunity also gives you one last chance to say sorry, say hurray, or say holy-cow to anyone in the class you never had the chance to say it to before the last day of school in 1986.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our website and with our photo album (updated regularly) and dont forget to forward the webmaster all memorabilia, old love letters that were never sent, old fie'eva autographs, old school photos, photos of yourself and your lovely family including children or grandchildren (kihe kau ivi lahi), and including even photos of your pet dog, pony, sheep, cat, chicken or piglet, and any further news snippets & updates you may have. Also do forward me any old forged sick certificates you may still have from the old days. Please dont send me your old school sandals and school uniforms, as we dont want to overload and crash our website overnight.
Oh, and while I remember.... Tio & Fekita koe maloloo pe 'ae ako ta me'a 'ae "Fatu kei ola" pea mo kataki 'o manatu'i ke fu'ifu'i atu 'etau fu'u heilala na'a mau fiu fakasio ihe 'u taa.
Enjoy your time here folks!
PS: Our website is still a work in progress, so do check back regularly for new updates.

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1,2 Buckle my shoe - koe 'alapama fo'ou 'ae kau hiva Fatu kei Ola
Fatu kei Ola
'Oku ke fie fakamohemohe kihe vanaiki 'oe le'o afo koula 'oe Fatu kei Ola? Fakatau leva ha'o CD 'ihe 'enau 'uluaki 'alapama ko e "1, 2 Buckle my shoe".

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